Sunday, 29 March 2015

jeremy Clarkson.. Good sport!

Well being a great top gear fan just like everyone else on the planet of cars I also got to know the disaster that has struck in the BBC office which has shaken the whole world. People are dying... killing each other and eating each other, I am also planning on joining the PURGE night. But i am gonna stay calm as I am right now reading the infamous 7 habits of Highly Influential People by Stephen Covey just like 15million other people on among different continents. Anyway the point is, lightning has struck, now what?
Is TOP GEAR just gonna end? Is Jeremy Clarkson going to join the league of all the jealous people who sit in their homes and see these 3 idiots having the time of their lives??
I guess he is going to just retire and settle himself in Miami beach or go to all those places he did miss going to.
Yeah i think he should do that.
Lemme know what u think.
Well i think he might be the biggest asshole on the planet on the show. But in real life he is just an amazing guy. The first thing he said to media after his dismissal wasn't a curse for BBC but a blessing for Oisin,, the guy he hit. He defended him by saying " Leave him alone". To all the media in the world and to all the angry supporting fans.