Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Mercedes AMG GT

Well if you are looking for some real fun then this is the ultimate car you wanna buy, and if you wanna do it in style then you may look no further than this.
But dont believe me, just see what this guy has to say in this matter. Happy watching!

Cars of the future

Well if you are wondering what will be the future of cars you might wanna have a look at this video which was posted sometime ago but is very very informative if you are seriously interested.
Statutory warning: This isnt the kinda video which might entertain you but this is the type which will keep you ahead of anyone around you.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Robbery in Sinhgad, Wadgaon, Pune

I WAS ROBBED! on 10 Dec, 2014...
I was coming from Mumbai to Sinhgad College in Wadgaon, Pune. Its on the outskirts. I reached the highway where I had to get off the bus and I got off the Volvo I was in. It was 3am. There was literally no one but a few auto rikshaws on the other side of the road. I had a big backpack travel size with me.
So I crossed the road to get to the rikshaws.
Then a heavy man came on his White apache RTR 180,(number was something something and 338 at the last). and he asked me in English, "where are you heading?". I told him that I was going to Sinhgad college of engineering which is up the hills. He said to me that he is also going that way and is a student, so he will drop me. And obviously I was OK with the offer of help.
So I agreed and hopped on the bike.
We were riding the bike and he gave lift to 2 more men on the way. Who also hopped on the bike and said they have to be dropped just 2 mins away and from there, they will tell us where the college is.
So everything is normal till now.
Later, after may be 15 secs. One of the lift takers said the rider to take a left. So that it will be easier for us to be on our way to the college.
I was obviously normal at the time.
So we take the first left in the silent street with no sign of any human nearby.
Thats when the bike stopped for them to be dropped of, i also got off the bike and I got an intiution of something happening wrong as the 2 lift takers started peeing on either side of me blocking my approach to any end of the road in case I run.
And the one riding the bike, who gave me lift, he started doing something with the bike and he took off a BIG KNIFE, one which is used to cut heavy grass.
As soon as I saw the knife Being pulled off from the bike I took my phone in hand and tried to make any call. But just as the knife was pulled of, the one my left took away my phone and the one on the other side hit me with a stone at the back of my head.
But my reflexes saved me from a proper shot at my head. Then the guy with the knife put his knife literally 10 inches away from my forehead.
They asked me what's in the bag, so obviously I told them just clothes(I had a 45k laptop in there!)
And obviously they asked for everything I had, so I gave them my wallet which had 400 bucks along with my debit card(I gave em exactly the opposite pin which didn't call any police when put in the atm). They wanted to take my watch also but I managed to convince them that its worth 50 bucks only so they threw it off.
which I picked up when they left.
But before leaving the guy with the knife also tried hitting me with that knife on my leg which fortunately I dodged with my shoe.
So they went off and then I started to run to the main road shivering all along.
Fortunately found an autowala who was passing by. Told him whatever I knew about the address and what happened with me all along.
He kinda gave me the confidence to call the police and tell them everything.
I reached the hostel I was supposed to reach earlier where I called my friend who was already there by taking his number from FACEBOOK, opening it on an unknown boy's phone.
My friend paid off the auto wala, I took all the details of the names of places on which the incidences happened from the auto wala in case I am asked by the police to mention.
So I called 100, and tell the guy who picked up the phone everything, and he sent the local police to me. Who acted very swiftly and came to my hostel to pick me up in just 5 mins.
They took me to the place where I got the lift, asked a few people about it,in vain.
Then we went on our way to the other location.
While we were one our way to the other location, I noticed that bike on the other side of the road. I quickly told the police officer that it is the same bike and the guy sitting there doing something put his head down or something is the same guy.
The police officer stopped the car and grabbed the guy on the other side of the road.
Called backup to take the first guy to the police station, where they hit him soooo hard for like 1hr. He gave the address of both the other ones, one of whom was picked up from his home and the other from the gym.
The knife was also recovered later from the 2nd one's house and my phone also was recovered later on the highway it self(the place where we caught the first guy, he somehow managed to throw his and my phone off him).
The case was filed and the card was actually blocked by me within 10mins of me reaching the hostel to my friend.
I will be getting my phone back in a few days from the court... then I ll upload the pics of those bastards(ROBBERS) as well as those goodmen(POLICEMEN) who helped me.
Thank you for being so patient to read till this statement!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Moneu transaction in india

Do you whats stopping India from becoming a superpower?
Money transfer.
Dude I have been waiting since this whole day just to get 1500 bucks transfered to my account.
If you have internet banking then you are good. Well if you don't , then you are gone. I mean to say you will have to find someone with the required money in his bank account along and his will to do so or else you will have to wait for the bank to open the next morning which will only open till 3 in the evening...sorry after noon.
What if someone arranges the money after 3pm? And he needs to transfer this amount very very urgently?
He is dead right? May that's how lots of people die in India. And others are born due to frustration.
Anyway, I have been fortunate to find someone who has an internet banking account and the only problem is that he doesn't have internet.
Now how cool is that.
That's made the day even worse.
You know what they should do? Allow transactions from account to direct personal account via debit card directly without the need for internet banking.
Now beat that.
Everyone has a debit card right?
Well most do. So no more searching for the angels of transfer and giving headache to less people and asking for less favors then.

God m too good at this.
Why am I not running this country?
Duhh! Guess they will call me after this.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Travelling in mumbai local

I am not from mumbai. But I have been coming to the always running city for numerous times these days. One thing I have noticed because I couldn't not unnotice it is that if you take away mumbai local for one day, mumbai will die starving and frustrated and whatever calamity you can think of. That's how much the mumbai local means to mumbai.
My only question is if they love it so much then why doesn't the mumbai local authorities improve the condition of this thing. The ticketing system is of the eighties along with the condition of the carriages.
Why not take one step in the direction of betterment of this utterly brilliant transportation idea?
Off course one of the reasons the officials would give will be the profitability. Dude,
The whole Delhi metro has far less passengers than your one boggie. And see their management.
Manage your income first, then do the things necessary. At least make it competitive in terms of user experience. One day everybody will be fed up.

Why not keep up with times? And invest some time of yours in improving this from a catastrophic disaster.
This article is specially for the mumbai local authorities.
Step up before its too late!

What to do when you have nothing to do..

I have been sitting idle for looooonnng.
Ya I didn't do anything today. Literally nothing. Well I had this fortunate companion with me we commonly refer to as laptop. So what I did is that I opened this godly thing and I started to type anything I could think of on the internet.
Rather than opening Fb or any social networking site I would never need in future. I spent my time googling weird stuff. Stuff that might open my mind doors which may lead to me working on something finally.

So I found this thing, very interesting thing. And rather amusing thing. You want to know what it is?
Its blogging...I researched about blogging.  I never knew what it was earlier and how to make one.
So all I did in this lovingly boring day is open that blog and learn how to blog properly.
And all I learnt was this.
Be original and boring if all it takes to be successful.
Trust me
All they told me is that original bloggers who share their experience make it to the top or at least on the top side.
And I am aiming high.

Why dont you follow me and get to know more about my journey to the top.

Mumbai makes u wanna scream..

God there is a lot of stuff happening in this place...
If u want to feel inspired... Do come to mumbai...seriously..
I am in mumbai for two days..
And even at 1am the traffic was as if it was 9pm or something...
So hardworking individuals..
Inspiring city...
I am from delhi by the way...
And in delhi things are relatively slow and costly..
Here local is almost free..lol..
I have heard 70-80%  mumbaikars don't buy a ticket...
I guess the ticketing system of this thing should be updated and inspired by metro...which is more of 21st century type..
Fast...relevant..efficient..in short great!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

How to become the prime minister of India. Inspired by MODI

Thats what everybody says about him. I have even heard that this guy is sent by god for India to do something great. But what can we learn from him? Have you ever given a thought about it?
Lemme tell you, its pretty simple. Keep your intentions right along with your active mind. The rest will follow. That's what he did actually. He kept his intentions straight about what he wanted and how he wanted it. Starting from ground zero.

The only problem with middle class is that we are happy with ourselves but at the same time we aren't. We have been taught well to reach the sky etc etc. But the thing is if we really want to go high we have to risk a lot of things and leave a lot of things. There is a problem now, we can't leave the things we love or fond of. But at the same time we want better. The normal philosophy is if you want something great you will have to leave something good and be on the path of doing something great.

That's obviously isn't easy. That's exactly what modi succeeded in. He had nothing he was fond of initially. So nothing to give up. All he had to do is endure strength to be daring enough to be great. Simple. That's how he became the Chief minister of Gujarat. Then he kept his intentions straight and worked day and night towards the betterment of his state.

But then he had something he was very fond of which he had to give up if he wanted to be the Prime Minister. He took that decision and started working harder and harder on that path. Its as simple as that. If you check his schedule he delivered about 1000 speeches all over the country during his campaign for the prime minister. That's how much hard work is involved in his nature.

So you can also be the prime minister of this country, just have the guts to work hard enough.

Thousands of options…Where to buy furniture from?

I am apparently buying a house, not a furnished one. But that’s not the problem. The problem is to get the desired furniture at reasonable prices with a lesser headache because after an exhausting month of searching for a good home in Calgary at a good price I am feeling kind of lazy to go for another round of research and development on this furniture thing. Well the problem is stated briefly I guess.  Most of you might also feel like it, lazy. We want things done but don’t feel like doing them by ourselves. There are many contemporary furniture stores in Calgary. Which one to choose from? My requirement is basically- less headache and soothing experience along with a good quality product.

So from my so called catalogue of furniture stores Calgary, there is one I would like to mention, Modern furniture store Calgary, AB. Out of all the contemporary furniture stores in Calgary, they provide the best quality service as far as I have seen, the range of materials is also better than most furniture stores in Calgary. But don’t take my word for it, well why would you? I am not your lawyer giving you the perfect advise for your prosecution because I have studied this my whole life and know only this. But in fact I am the person whom you might believe when I tell you they (Modern furniture store Calgary) don’t pay me to advise you this. So I am not gaining anything by giving you this advice and you don’t lose anything when you actually go and see the place just like I did. Go and ask any contemporary furniture stores in Calgary if they would deliver the package free of cost if the package is worth more than $2000. Market research I guess!

working of touchscreens

This is how touch screens work..!!! have a look!

Australian researchers have converted sunlight into electricity with more than 40% efficiency

In a world first, engineers in Australia have managed to convert a record-breaking 40 percent of the sunlight hitting a solar panel into electricity.

Researchers from UNSW Engineering have managed to achieve more than 40 percent efficiency in commercial solar panels - the highest efficiency rate ever reported.
The world-record rate was achieved by solar panels tested outdoors in Sydney, Australia, and was then confirmed independently by researchers using them in the US.
“This is the highest efficiency ever reported for sunlight conversion into electricity,” said UNSW Engineering Scientia Professor and Director of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics, Martin Green, in a press release.
“We used commercial solar cells, but in a new way, so these efficiency improvements are readily accessible to the solar industry,” added Mark Keevers, who manages the project. 
Right now, the most efficient solar cells are only converting around 33 percent of sunlight into electricity. But instead of just using one solar cell, the new technology works by splitting sunlight into four different cells.
It also uses a custom optical bandpass filter to capture sunlight that is normally wasted - the filter works by reflecting particular wavelengths, while transmitting others.
These cells were then used on a solar tower - a set-up that uses Sun-tracking mirrors to focus sunlight onto a solar panel-covered tower - where the record-breaking efficiency rate was recorded.
The prototype device will now be used by Australian company RayGen Resources to build "power towers" in an attempt to make cheaper and more efficient solar energy.
Green is also hoping that in the future these cells will be used in rooftop solar panels, which right now only have an efficiency rate of around 15 to 18 percent.
“The new results are based on the use of focused sunlight, and are particularly relevant to photovoltaic power towers being developed in Australia,” said Green in the release.
"The panels that you have on the roof of your home, at the moment they just have a single cell but eventually they'll have several different cells... and they'll be able to improve their efficiency to this kind of level," he told AFP.
Green is confident that in a decade, solar power will be cheaper than energy produced by coal, he explained to AFP.
The breakthrough will be published soon in the journal Progress in Photovoltaics, and is being presented today at the Australian PV Institute’s Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference at UNSW Engineering.
Find out more about the game-changing research being done at UNSW Engineering.
Source: UNSW Engineering, science alert

Thousands of Einstein documents are available online for free

Princeton University in the US has launched the Digital Einstein Papers project - an open-access site that will deliver the extensive written legacy of Albert Einstein to the public.

The New York Times calls them "the Dead Sea Scrolls of physics”, and they’re on their way to being publicly available - the 80,000 documents left behind by Albert Einstein. 
When he died in 1955, Einstein bequeathed the copyright of his writings and correspondence to Princeton University Press and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Over the past three decades these institutions have been analyzing and publishing the texts - which span from the years of Einstein's youth to 1923 - and just last week announced that they would now be distributing them for free. 
"Starting on Friday, when Digital Einstein is introduced, anyone with an Internet connection will be able to share in the letters, papers, postcards, notebooks and diaries that Einstein left scattered in Princeton and in other archives, attics and shoeboxes around the world when he died in 1955,” writes Dennis Overbye at The New York Times.

This project follows on from previous efforts by the universities to disseminate Einstein’s writings - Princeton has so far published nearly half of the documents in 13 hardcover and paperback volumes; and the Hebrew University has already set up their own digitized versions of some of the documents - called the Einstein Archives. California Institute of Technology physics professor and editor of the new Digital Einstein website, Diana Kormos-Buchwald, told The New York Times that both the English and German versions of the texts would be made available, and some will be accompanied by annotated transcriptions and translations. The public can flick between Einstein’s "love letters, his divorce file, his high school transcript, the notebook in which he worked out his general theory of relativity and letters to his lifelong best friend, Michele Besso, among many other possibilities,” she said.
Head to the Digital Einstein website to browse through the 7,000 pages representing 2,900 unique documents have been digitized thus far.

Modern furniture store, Calgary…

What can be better than a beautiful house in a beautiful city such as Calgary? Let me tell you, beautiful furniture in that beautiful house in that beautiful city. Now, beat that. Ok no kidding, if you live in the city Calgary and you want a perfectly suitable furniture which is comfy enough take all your pain and sufferings of the day far away from you into the barren desert from where it can’t reach you back. There is something you should look at. As I was browsing the internet which I do more often these days researching on weird stuff, in this case, furniture stores in Calgary, I found something relevant finally, as always.

I mean literally they deliver stuff to your home, yes off course your baggage should be heavy enough so it’s worth it. What I mean by that is, if you buy something worth more than $2000 from the modern furniture Calgary it will give them enough profit to bear your delivery cost also. So they will use their generous profit in your service to boost your experience by delivering your couch at your home itself. They will also let you pick your order from their warehouse if you wish to do so, like you know, there are people who want to gift or whatever to other people and believe in doing things by themselves. So everyone is satisfied in here. The time it will take to deliver your sectional sofa or the Dining Room Furniture from the Modern furniture Calgary warehouse to your beautiful home in the beautiful city will depend on the availability of the stock in the warehouse, well even if it is available it will still take 3-5 working days to get it to your living room. Guess the wait when it is not available. Guess patience pays!

Free steam wallet codes, want some?

If you are a hard core gamer and you have somehow completed all the levels of the single player part of your enormous game, I think it’s time to switch to a steam wallet. Ok let’s answer the first question, “why?” Because it will tell you that you aren’t the only crazy thing on this planet. There are people who way crazier than you and love it or hate it, they are certainly better than you. If you want to test your skills, you have to go out in the actual field and play with the real masters and not some computer program which is programmed with the limited brain of the developer.
Actually it’s not the developer’s mind that is limited, they are extremely talented people who are the creators of the world you are playing in, and they know what exactly you can handle so they give you that. But in the real world scenario these people are not that merciful. They will tear you soul apart if you don’t have what it takes. It’s because of the time they spend being the masters of it. The real sense of competition brings in more focus at the long term goal of being simply the best. It’s a whole new world. You will cry, you will shout and you will come back again. That’s what we call not giving up.

The second question “how much does it cost?”, let me take care of that for you, free steam wallet card codes is the thing that can save the day. It costs some money to buy good games on the steam net. You might have to buy special editions, and these things will give you enough money to buy one, or at least half the cost. The world is not that bad to you after all!

Free Steam wallet codes... Oh I am lucky!

Do you have a Steam wallet? I mean are you one of the millions of game freaks around the world who use this godly software to connect to other Gods of gaming? Chat around, connect, have fun. I use it. It’s the only thing that connects me to God. One of the only reasons God exists in 21st century is because of these games he gets to play. I am being weird now, am I not? So let’s get this straight. If you are living on this planet for more than 10 years and you still don’t like heavy graphics video games, take out your daddy’s gun from the hidden closet and shoot yourself right in the head, nowhere else, because that will ensure that you are dead. As me representing the gaming federation of the world I sentence you to die and your services are no longer required by this planet.

How much you want me to scold you now? You still didn’t get the point right? Or maybe you weren’t fortunate enough to get your hands on a good game yet. Because they are costly. Let me help you there, ever heard about Free Steam wallet codes? These things will give you enough money to buy at least half a good game, well rest you have to put in yourself. Common I am not that good to you, after all you aren’t a game lover. But trust me I give you this only chance to live and stay alive. Because you know people after all feel a bit lonely on this planet full of people and games are ways of people like me to get away from this misery. And later we tend to like it more than real people. Guess I should also make some of the free steam wallet cash!

Evening party! Can’t decide what to wear!

Girls and boys! There is a significant difference in the behavioral aspects of these genders when it comes to making the most important decision of the day. What to wear? Well as per the scientific research done by boys, it has been found out that a normal smart looking dashing boy sometimes called a stud takes 2 minutes to decide what he is going to wear for the rest of the day. To make this decision his neural activity is recorded to be very less. And he thinks he can wear the same t-shirt the next day also, provided it doesn’t smell much or the magnitude of the smell can be handled with a mere spray of deodorant. Whereas their female counterparts, as per a study conducted by boys in the name of science, take 200 minutes and 100 people just to decide what to wear that day and this process happens for at least 10 times in a day. Even if they have decided what to wear that day after going through the whole process, they will keep asking their males friends about the way they are looking that day.
The neural activity has been noted to be very highly focused on the thought of how they look rather than what they speak or volume of their speech which they lose control of on a very frequent basis. And according to another study conducted by the boys, a dress wore once cannot or will not be worn twice on any other occasion. If done, it can destroy the neural tissue as the amount of processing required to handle that thought is very high, which may lead to fainting of the subject in question.
So, this is the brief problem with the today’s gender. The point is, what to do about it? You don’t have enough money to buy her a good dress for every evening out. She won’t let you buy a cheaper one because it looks disgusting. Guess what, me being a very generous person and an extremely talented personality will help you out. Kindly google a few things before I say a single word extra, “cheap Dresswe evening dresses”, “plus size evening dresses from Dresswe” or “Dresswe maternity evening dresses”. Did you do that just now? Get what I am saying? If you still don’t any idea what I am talking about you shouldn’t be reading already.  Ok let me fill up your empty minds with a clever understanding of the things I am talking about.  This is simple best of both worlds- cheap, stylish. Moreover, it will keep your daughter happy throughout the evening. Now beat that!
Okay! I am no specialist. Don’t listen to me. But just do one thing, show these designs to you daughter or wife of girlfriend or any kind of female you are connected with in your own weird relation. If they don’t like it, no headache. But if they do, you might be in immediate trouble. But at the same time you can easily avoid way too much for way too small or less. Guess everyone’s happy after all!

Very important link: http://www.dresswe.com/evening-dresses-4353/

Dresswe 2015!

In recent years, the world has changed a lot! We call this world very fast. Why is it fast? Are you running fast? No! There are a lot of people doing the same thing differently at the same time. The best part, they are competitors. So if you slow down and not do anything, your competitor will work hard and go faster and leave you behind in the process. Giving people better choices than yours. So you tell me, if you are already ahead of the curve, would you want to slow down on your path? Simple answer, No! I am talking about a company which has delivered over and over and over again. Not slowing down a bit, continuously working harder and harder.
We have a very famous saying “Hard work defeats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”. Trust me it’s very painful to be defeated by someone’s hard work when you have the talent. So what you do? You keep on working hard and smart, using your talent to defeat anyone’s hard work. Results, a brilliant collection of items that you have to offer to the outside world. What’s next? The world starts liking you again. This time, much more people interested in your products. Let me not bore you more, I am talking about the 2015 collection of wedding dresses. A perfect example of the hard work combined with enormous amount of skill that is being implemented on a piece of cloth so briefly that even the experts in the industry feel shy of selling their own. The best part of this is the costs they have given to the various products in hand.
How the costs are so low? Labor charges are down in India, the optimization techniques involved in the production process are great, the wastage is not a concern with the help of superior and dedicated management. Its takes the whole team to create a product like this. Every part has to be optimized keeping the creativity at the top of the list of priorities. No compromise on that part should be allowed.
But that’s just what it takes, I don’t know how they did it. I don’t know how far to the lengths they have gone to achieve the success rate. What I say, even if a cobbler does his job with true dedication he can rule the world with his hard work and talent. And yes for a small company, they might have taken a lot of time in planning and unlike many small companies not taken any impulsive decisions. Guess it works out. I have met a lot of people admiring this small business venture. Yes of course, you can’t please all the people around you. Only a selected bunch of people can be focused on at a time. So you have to know your audience and work hard in pleasing their interests, after all they are the ones who are paying right! Guess we have to take mommy shopping this year!

Important link: http://www.dresswe.com/wedding-dresses-2015-104288/

Wedding Night. Dresswe will help!

Today I am going to a wedding. It’s my friend’s sister’s wedding. He is not that rich. He merely makes his living by selling cupcakes at the bakery shop. His sister doesn’t work either. In actual sense they are a typical middle class Indian family. Considering all of the details mentioned above in brief, I wonder! How come she, the bride, is wearing a wedding dress which at least seems like it’s been borrowed from a Queen? When I first came in, I was in depth of my own doubt that I might have landed the wrong place in front of wrong people celebrating the wrong thing. But then as I was about to turn around and be on my way in search of my heaven, someone shouted my name. Yes! I sighed, this is the right party. I was in doubt still. Why would he smile after spending a hefty amount of money on the wedding dress thinking he has to pay for that if not already!
Being a concerned friend, I asked him the million dollar question. His answer, the most unexpected of all. Dresswe wedding dresses! I haven’t even heard of that company. But at that first instant, they got my serious attention. My respect for the brand went high up. I mean, how someone can sew for such less money that it can be affordable to a guy like him! Or else convince him to buy this for a hefty amount which I am sure of is not the case. He is not the spending type. He is a person whom you can’t convince until you give him a good deal of price and quality.
I being very curious to know more ended up sitting with my smartphone, a good one! To google this company and you know, get to know more. So my expedition ended up with me having a smile on my face thinking about millions of ways on how to surprise my sis on her wedding day. Well not surprise actually! She will have to know where she is buying from, but I guess she will respect or may be love my choice. You know, she is a girl so you can’t be sure of anything. So my sister is going to marry next year and I am going to tell her something she won’t even imagine me saying, “Let’s buy you a good wedding dress from Dresswe wedding dresses!”
Oh my God! Its feels a bit weird being good to your sister when you both are accustomed to killing each other on a daily basis. But seriously I am sentimental about this thing. I have been searching for an alternative to the costly wedding dresses without much compromises. But this thing amazes even me. Trust me I am not easily amazed. The only thing I have to figure out how keep my mom from spending too much on the flowers and her own wardrobe! Guess one problem at a time!
If you want to know where I found all the details. : http://www.dresswe.com/wedding-dresses-66/

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Healthy habit! Less ageing!

The phrase here is “Health is wealth”. Let me give you another one “Health is young”. The healthier you are, the younger your skin is and less aged you look. Yes all people can’t be disciplined enough to stay healthy at all times. And to some success gives bad habits, leading to effects on body. Damage done! Couldn’t help it. But now I want my glorified skin back to stardom. So what do I do? Damage control. Go to a doc and let him do his job. He will do his magic and the wonderful skin is back for the moment.
What he will do is one of these 3 things: Botox, Skin lift or Rejouvance. If you read paparazzi, then you must be familiar with the first two names that I mentioned as there are many celebrities who use this stuff. The point of concern is the third one as I have to introduce you to this from scratch. No side effects, works like Botox, much cheaper, easily applied. In short better in every way. Off course it’s the 21st century solution to a historical problem, it has to be better.

Uses ingredients I can’t even pronounce, but these all are safety checked to human application. So don’t worry about allergies or something. Its treats the skin from deep down removing the dead skin inside out. There is something you should remember which is a part of the very important free advice that I am going to give you- never use it if you are under 30. In fact don’t use any of these anti-ageing if you don’t fall under that eligibility criteria. What I mean to say is that there is still hope, you can be still saved by simply improving or changing your habits to the good ones. Guess science can help, but nature helps better!

I am beautiful! I am young!

Never ask the age of a woman. Rather it should be an ageing woman instead of just woman. A very common phrase in today’s world or any world. Even in the Godly era the ages of women were not asked. They are offended. Why? It’s simply because of the fact that they can’t accept one naturally occurring phenomenon commonly referred in the human language as “ageing”. A process where your skin tries to speak where you don’t want it to, about your age.
Our body also has an expiry date, so as it goes on a path to reach that stage, it starts to show signs of disaster that is about to happen by talking through our skin, the most visible part of the body. Well the problem here is, some people make a living through this body part of theirs and don’t want it to lose its glory. So doctors get to work and apply their chemical formulas on the skin. The best examples being Botox and face lifting. Results are good for the moment but momentarily the side effects come out as skin takes its revenge for destroying its natural stable state.

So this is 21st century where every problem has to have a solution, I have yours. Rejouvance, curious word, actually it’s a noun used to refer to the name of the solution to this problem of old people. Basically an anti-ageing cream, works like Botox or face lift only but with a miss of the side effects. Look, the skin has to age, you can’t stop it. The only thing you can do is slow it down a bit and Rejouvance does the job in a more fashionable and relaxed way. Simple as that. Guess the skin business doesn’t have to be costly at all!

Need a “FUNKY” Scooter?

I am not saying I am the one to contact if you want a decent scooter. But as I was browsing for some good scooters on the net I found something unusual. Rather interestingly they are called Razor Electric Scooters.
Well even if you don’t have a license then also you can opt for one of their offerings, Razor e-spark model, and the eligibility criteria for this is 6 years of age and you have to at least know a thing or two about balancing a vehicle, I am saying that because even if you fall off, its much cheaper to buy, $120, so daddy won’t scold much! The only problem with this one is that you have to charge it for 16 long patient hours just to get it running for merely 40 minutes.
They have a solution to that problem too, well to an extent. There is another in line by Razor electric scooters, called the E100, the only part better than the previous one is that it takes half as long as it’s younger sibling to energize itself to its full range which has been kept the same. Good things come at a good price, this thing will cost you $130. But what if you really want something better? And don’t bother about the money that much!

Razor electric scooters calls it the Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter, with the most popular reviews it certainly is everyone’s favorite. Reaching speeds of up to 15mph, perfect for a normal day to day transport for kids, providing superior comfort seats, and in colors of Pink, Purple, Lavender and the likes of Black, this stunning looking beauty will dig a hole in your pocket worth $189. The only slight bit of a problem is that the range of this heavy scooter is limited to 30mins on a single charge which is surprising considering its costs as compared to the other offerings. Guess your school should be close enough!

Rentals needed!

A Student, that’s what I am. You know what that means? Less space, more dreams, desperation of a comfortable life, hanging clothes which are so dirty sometimes even I feel why I am wearing this again, the most of all- empty pocket. So you get an idea, well roughly enough. So this very day to make it more boring than it already is, I was invited by a friend of mine.
Well not a friend, actually a guy I have to say hello every day because my parents like him and think he is cute and needs my help. The guy has his own Mustang, what does he need me for? Washing it? Okay, anyway so I am invited to this party which I suspect to be boring on the extreme side and I plan to slip out of there just after saying the bloody ‘hi’ again to this help in need. You know, I am not the jealous type.
Actually this guy has everything good about him given by his dad’s money, nothing extra. He sometimes irritates me so much that I have to go to the bathroom taking a pillow with me and shout putting that pillow on my face, and the best part is I am his only friend. Well, keeping the irritation part aside, he is filthy rich like really rich.

So I go to this party wondering how many of his dad’s millions would he have spent to buy it. But when I reach there, ‘truly’ amazed I would say I was. Upon being asked, he mentioned the name of the realtor “Nassau County apartments” he said. Further mentioning that they also have some nice apartments they manage in some place I want to study in. Also told me about the deal he got, was impressive. The guy isn’t that useless after all!

Rolex eh!

There is one “big” uncle of mine who always flashes his big cars, big 4 floor houses for 4 people         (stupid), big TVs, big watches (No, costly watches), and all that big big has made his lovely big wife very big. So, you kind of get the situation I am in, don’t you? The actual problem is not that he has those big stupid things, but he tries to show them off whenever he gets a chance to put some words out of his big mouth. For him, it’s always him.
No one else should be involved in the conversation as long as he is standing in the area of within 100mtrs of that place of the conversation. And it’s extremely irritating, I am telling you if it is written in my fate that someone is going to be killed with these lovely hands of mine I assure that there is a ninety percent chance that it is going to be him and him only. I have never encountered a person like this in my entire lifespan of 20 years which I already feel like its very long for me. Okay, I am calmed down. But something has to be done. I have got to do something to shut his “big” mouth.

I have been thinking about this for a while and still couldn’t figure out anything, so I asked my best friend who answers all the weird questions I have in my empty mind, Google. So yes, there are people who have suffered from this type of cancer and they have suggested a treatment for it. Ever heard of luxury replica watches or men’s replica watches. Same here, I also read this word for the first time. If you get it, I ordered one for me as it was reasonably priced, a Rolex, and I wore it every single day whenever I used to see him. Guess what, you know the rest, and problem solved!

Party in LAS VEGAS!

So, this evening I am getting bored at a hotel sitting on my laptop writing this article which you are probably reading because you too have nothing else to do. The interesting part is we both are doing this in the lovely city the world calls by the name of LAS damn VEGAS! Dude are you serious? At least 6 billion people on this heavy earth out of all the population on this planet which is increasing as we speak at the speed of at least sound if not the light which too is an incredible speed want to go have fun in this beautiful city in the middle of nowhere.
The funny thing is you are still sitting and wondering what to do. Let me tell you, just open that window in your room which might be on 1000th floor of some building which has been decorated like its Diwali season in India and jump.

Let the world have one less boring person. Trust me there are many already. Or there is another advice I can give you if you are too afraid of heights, take the lift and go deep down to the ground floor and get into that fancy car of yours, ask your fancy dress driver to take you to “Drai's Nightclub” and head to this wonderful place full of ducks and chicks along with some ear bursting loud music which will tear all of your lazy senses apart. Come on, you are here to have the time of your life right? You just can’t afford to sit and watch the fireworks in your room. Give yourself one day and burn some part of the ocean of money you have earned for no one and the rest will be just fine. Or you can just sleep and wait for another day to swing by and say hello!

Fishing Kayak Reviews…Do you have a name?

Fishing Kayak Reviews are the things people read whenever they want to buy some decent Fishing Kayak. But do they give the full blown advice about which one to buy exactly? They will tell you things you don’t need to know. Rather than making the choice simple they will make it even more time consuming. You have to go their engineering part in order to choose the best suited one for you. No I am not saying they are bad. But I am saying they are sometimes needless. They tell you those things in a detailed manner in such a way that you end up spending more time understanding the dimensions.
Dude I don’t need dimensions, I need to know if I can fit or not. It’s as simple as that. But I have been sent by god himself to help you out in this problem. I am going to give you some names which might need you undivided attention. And the names are as follows, Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler kayak, this thing has a flush mount rod holder and on scotty Bait caster rod holder. There is an ample space for your fishing gear too. The storage compartment is also there. A big one. And if you are a tall guy, you are certainly going to fit in this one. It can handle your 350 pounds of weight.
The second name, Sun Dolphin Excursion Sit-In Fishing kayak. It is outfitted with two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder. It will suit your fishing needs of all time. Designed to take to sturdy places and tracks in an exceptionally well manner. Keeping you in comfort all the time. Taking you to to most uncomfortable places on earth. I can’t tell you all the names I have right now but all I can do is that let you know some place you can get them all, Fishing Kayak Reviews.  If you know how to search them You will find a way to get it right.

Fishing kayak reviews…factors consideration!

Hello there! You are probably reading this because you searched a lot about fishing Kayaks and still have absolutely no idea on how to buy the best or at least good enough kayak at reasonable prices. Well I am ready to play the angel here who is sent by the almighty to help you out in this excavation of yours. No I am not going to tell you anything you want to hear or actually read. All I am going to say is that “May God Bless you & May you succeed!” that’s all I have to say to you.
Hey don’t throw away your costly laptop, I was just kidding man. Chill. Okay, allow me to present the three things you need to know or decide in order to buy a new shining beautiful kayak which makes you smile every time you want to have some fun. So first of all there is one thing you need to figure out, whether you want an inflatable or Rigid Kayak. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Inflatable Kayak is prone to leakage more than the rigid Kayak whereas the rigid type has transportation issues. It apparently has to be transported on top of the car or separately on a Kayak cart.

Second important thing you need to worry about is that how much load you want your kayak to handle at once. What I mean to say is that if you want to spend long time floating then your carriage must be able to carry all your gear along with your weight. Or if you and your partners are on the bulkier side of the normal human weight category, it should also be able to handle that along with all the stresses from beneath the water. Last but not the least. Choose your color wisely. You sure want yours to look better than the ones already around right? For further details try searching for Fishing kayak Reviews.

Fishing kayak Reviews... How to choose the best?

We read a lot of reviews on anything we need to or want to buy these days. Even if we don’t want to buy them still we like to have some knowledge of what’s happening in that segment of this widespread world with tons of varieties to choose from. One of these interesting bits of the world is Kayaks. The name sounds terrible but the fun factor is the exact opposite of the feeling we get after hearing that name. Come on, it’s so not sexy or pleasant to hear.

Ok no jokes or bullshit, it’s time for some serious talks. Today, me, the most knowledgeable man in the world is going to give you some advice regarding the selection of Kayaks. Ok let’s begin the research part. What you are going to do first? Let me help you there. Firstly, we will select the purpose of the kayak. You want for fishing or something else or you know, just have a little fun. After the selection of the purpose of this kayak of yours we will look for some much needed features according to the application of this funny named thing. The important and tough choices are to be made here in the following categories. Such as, the number of seats. Depends whether you are a family man or a single billionaire living all by yourself with your workers all around you. The second part of the selection process is where you want to sit in the thing, SOT (Sit On Top) or SIK (Sit In Kayak). These are the 2 available normally or you can order a custom built for you to sit beneath the thing drinking lots and lots of drinking water and having the time of your life. Sorry, I wasn’t supposed to joke about it. My bad. But seriously get these things figured out we will discuss the further issues in the next article. Till then you can keep searching for fishing kayak reviews.
Fishing kayak reviews… Let’s have a look!
There are two types of things on this earth. Some we need, some we want and some we don’t want. Sorry there was a third one also which had to be mentioned, you now censor these days. They complain about almost anything. So you now keeping everyone happy. But we aren’t talking about the boring censor board this time. I have got something rather interesting to tell you today. How about we leave everything for just once and go somewhere or anywhere where our phones would work. It’s important for your phone to not work there. Because if your phone works there would calls every time you start to have some real fun. But where would you have this kind of fun? Do what?
I will tell you, we go near any water body, ocean or see or river or lake whatever you want to give the name to this water body doesn’t matter really. But there should be enough water to blow your minds off. And there we will go fishing on a damn kayak.  There are types of this thing, some are built for just fishing and others for the white water stuff. So guess we have got a problem. No! It’s easy. Figure out what you want to do with that kayak first and there you go. Simple as drinking water.

Ok let’s see, are you old? Off course you are. That’s the reason you are reading this otherwise you would be playing some video game or if you wanted to know about the best kayaks you would be going directly to the shop like a stupid idiot. But you are smart, you are doing your homework here. So, considering your continuous increment in age I would suggest we go for the fishing type. There are also different types of kayaks available which you might want to be aware of incase you are planning to take your kids with you on that adventure. Have fun then! Look for the Fishing kayak reviews

Buying Kayak

Fishing Kayak Reviews….The best one!

I just woke up. In fact woke up late and I am a bit late for everything that I do these days. May be because I am doing too many things at the same time. I am a student. So I have to study when the exams come and even when they aren't there, I have to study in class. Do homework submit assignments. Okay that’s normal stuff. Everybody does that. So what’s so different about it? Let me open your eyes a bit.
I am involved with 3 societies in my college. The funny part is I am the founder president of the 2 and the 3rd chairman of the 3rd one which has around 500+ student members. Adding to that I am the head representative of a dance club Beat lockers.  Not to mention I am a celebrated boxer in my college and the head of the boxing club too. And I go to gym on a daily basis along with handling everything I am involved in. Now here I am finishing my job as an article writer. So you see I am a bit frustrated with everything that is going on right now. What to do? My friend suggested. Take a bloody vacation. Kill some people and have fun. Lol! Don’t worry I am not going to kill somebody.

But what I am going to do is switch of my phone and go somewhere where I can play my favorite sport. I have a Kayak do you know that? How would you know, I didn’t tell you earlier. The model I have is this Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak. This is my sweet baby. Takes me to places I could never imagine I could go. Obviously, I have read all the Fishing Kayak Reviews before buying this sweet pony. Trust me it is a good one.