Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Student Motivation: Things don't just happen..they are Done!!

Things don’t happen…things are

You might have thought of doing
something different in life. You might have heard all the motivational
statements that were said by the big personalities of the world. You might be
thinking of owning that lamborghini you saw someone drive in a movie or a TV
show. You must have had sleepless nights thinking about the damn thing
imagining you have reached the place you wanted to be and you driving that car.
But then you come to the real life and realise that it was a dream.

What’s wrong?
Why it isn’t happening with you?
Why don’t someday things change to gold and someday someone comes to you and
offers you a salary of some crores or signs you in his movie or give you fame?
Why it isn’t happening??

Lemme tell you why…because things
don’t happen…things are done!
Amitabh bacchan as you know today
didn’t become what he has become after someone gave him a pink slip…Shah rukh
khan used to sleep on footpath and gave approx. 100 auditions to get selected
in his first project.
No one listened to sergie brin and
his partner when they came up with the idea of google, Thomas Edison failed
1000 times...the founders of snapdeal had failed in 2 of their earlier business
models and this was their 3rd 
business venture which finally took off. Sachin Tendulkar spent almost
half of his day daily practicing cricket..
These are the most common examples
one could think of
Now how much time you can give to
your dream? How many times you can say one more time?  How much time it would take to break you? How
much risk can you take towards your dream? How many times are you ready to
fail? How much extreme are you willing to go?

Exactly…that’s where we lag
behind…we wanna have those things but we don’t want to work for them…
We want to have that fame but we
don’t want to earn it…we want to drive that car but don’t wanna earn enough
money for it, you don’t wanna take that risk associated with that dream…you
wanna go the conventional way…the safe way…the way that is in the comfort zone…

Well lemme tell you something…if
you wanna have something you don’t normally have…you have to do something that
you don’t normally do…

You have to take that decision…you
have to bet on that decision…you have to stay with your own idea..and not leave
it in the darkness for someone else to find it…you have to stand beside it and
have confidence in it…you have to bring it to life…you have to develop it…you
have to give your time to it..

You have let other people interact
with your idea…you have to have that gut to support your idea even if everyone
around you that is atmost 50 people in your life deny it..

Most importantly….you have to take
that decision!