Friday, 4 September 2015

How i got my first Venture Capitalist? ...Hint: Very easily

Recently I am working on s project of an electric bike.

I have planned the marketing strategy, the whole B plan, the technology to be used in the prototype, basically I have answers to each and every question I could think of on the project.

What next.. First of all I took out the fear of letting people know about my work from inside of my mind. You get what I am saying right?

Most of us have the same feeling that the Facebook story is going to happen to us also. That someone is going to steal the idea if I tell someone about it. Bro..this is India...and 90% Indians don't care about the idea ad the rest are busy building their  own dream to reality. A few don't have the necessary information and the enthusiasm to do something like that and don't even want to take the risk of losing everything they have yet.

So don't worry, these days people are supportive ...except your family off course.

So now you need to put your idea into the best set of words you can find and that too in a detailed manner. Answer every question possible and think about every scenario possible. Sure it won't be enough. You won't be able to think of all the questions and won't be able to answer all of them.

Sometimes you may also think that you might going to need to change the initial idea. Snapdeal started with a coupon business initially and it flopped big time, but they didn't stop, and started the merchandise business. They started selling goods at reasonable prices which wasnt even close to the initial idea. But the latter business was suggested by s friend when they told him the problem. So you know, idea might also need to change, and change may come from anywhere.

Remember, changing the decision is considered an act of smartness. So don't be the type that no I won't make any changes.

Then put your beautiful idea on to a website which has networks of angel investors. Also search on LinkedIn for the angel investors and pitch in your idea. If you have money for a prototype then build one before you approach an angel investor. Well if you don't, you must at least have answers to all the questions he has, from all the aspects.

The most important part is that he needs to see your enthusiasm. If you doubt your own idea, then your idea will also doubt you and might leave you and go to someone else. So never doubt your idea. And this trust you have must also be shown at your face when you discuss this brain child of yours with anyone.

Well I followed this...and that's how I got my first angel investor to invest in my dream project.

And you must be Wondering I would give you a shortcut on how to get a venture capitalist. Duhh! Cheater..!