Sunday, 11 October 2015

What's wrong with Startup culture in India?

Startup culture In B schools
Harvard business school teaches its students to CREATE JOBS rather than LOOK FOR JOBS which is normally the case in India.

When we pursue our engineering or any bachelor’s degree, there is a lot of free time. Some of us use that free time to research on the idea that can change the world (well at least it convinces them that their idea can change their world).

Then comes the idea of knowing how to do business, 90% people of that category start their preparation for MBA and end up in top B- schools in the country, in a country which rates B-schools based on the salary packages offered to the students, ROI!

Did you notice what just happened? Read that para again. Students from B-schools are offered wonderful salaries to run already running businesses and make money for the big companies which already have lots and lots of money and selling things which are already sold for like a thousand years, things that are already here.

So that idea which could potentially change the world or at least bring something innovative or new to this ageing world has just died inside the mind of that brilliant person who is now working hard in making better the existing already rich old ideas.

So this was boring and the most common problem in the country we live in.

All the new ideas are traded for better salaries.

OK, what now? I have written this article and you have read these words in numerous more articles available on the technology called the Internet while sipping your favorite coffee.

I tell you what, start that research on your idea all over again, and this time analyze that idea with the vast knowledge of businesses you have now and apply them on this child of yours, 

Let your child groom, there is still time to tell your child that it can one day change the world, it’s time you trust your child again and invest time and money and for once, just try! 

Let’s see what happens.